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Targeting Mitochondria 2012 Conference in Berlin -- November 2012
Shanta and organizers during award announcement       Shanta during presentation      

Testing Mitochondria Targeted Nanoparticles -- September 2012
Shanta and Sean       Shanta and Sean      

Lab pictures in September 2012
Sean in BioLab       Rakesh in Synthetic Lab      

Trip to Tallulah Gorge State Park -- July 2012
Group during trek at Tallulah Falls state park      

CURO Symposium -- April 2012
Kasey with her poster      

Group Picture in February 2012
Group picture in spring 2012      

Nanoparticles -- October 2011
Different nanoparticles made in the lab      

Fall ACS meeting -- 2011
 Ellen, Anna and Sean      

Sean with his poster       Ellen with her poster       Anna with her poster      

Lab pictures in July 2011
posing for a news article coverage       Bio-Nano Lab       Bio-Nano Lab      

Andrew in Chemistry Lab       Chemistry Lab       Chemistry Lab      

Molly       ellen with rotavapor       instruments room      

Cell culture Laboratory       Cell culture Laboratory       Cell culture Laboratory      

Poster presentation by Sean
Sean with his poster at the 3rd Annual Georgia 
						Nanotechnology & Infectious Diseases Symposium      

Trip to Amicalola falls
Group during hike to Amicalola Falls in May 2011      

Group Picture in Jan 2011
Group picture in spring 2011      

Aug/Sept 2010: New Lab and New Group
Started work in Lab Sept 2010       Shanta with Sean and Anna in Lab       Lab in Aug 2010      

Lab in Aug 2010       Lab in Aug 2010       Lab in Aug 2010      

Lab in Aug 2010       Lab in Aug 2010      

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